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From Dieter Guthardt <softw...@isnil.de>
Subject Ignite client - slow startup
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2019 13:49:47 GMT

we're currently running a couple of servers with various Ignite 
scenarios - version 2.6 and 2.7.
With and without persistence and some only get used to perform server 
based computations without any cache.
It's quite satisfying except the startup time of the client applications 
is pretty slow especially running them from 'remote'.

I realized depending on the cluster configuration the topology send 
around when connecting can get huge.
Even the clusters without caches get really big and it's time consuming 
to connect.

That's all related to the snapshot version, so higher the number so 
bigger the amount of data transferred and slower the connection.
The client instance of Ignite gets bigger and bigger depending on the 
cluster, cache and snapshot history.

Since I haven't found a satisfying answer yet I started digging into 
your code and found the following:

In the class TcpDiscoverySpi you set the default history size of the 
discoCache to be 1000!
After reducing the number to 10 I obtained a decent startup time.

Debugging the ignite client instance now shows a constant size after 
reaching a snapshot version > 10.

I was wondering why the history was set to 1000? How does a small number 
affect the cluster?



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