Then you can simply create 2 different data regions for all server nodes in the cluster - one with persistence and one without. After that, you can decide, how you want to store your key - with persistence or without.


пт, 3 мая 2019 г. в 08:27, dhiman_nikhil <>:
As per documentation, I can do persistence in data region only. If I wanted a
cache key to be persisted then I have to make sure that data region to be
replicated across all nodes.

Basically, my requirement is to give multi-tenancy support[Multiple
Applications can communicate to Ignite Cluster]. To prevent conflict of
CacheKey, I will be writing an Ignite Client[Wrapper over IgniteClient
library] and passing on the limiting functionality to Services[Like they can
get CacheKey, but not been able to create it].

If a new Application comes and demands a CacheKey with persistence ON, we
should be able to provide it without reloading the whole nodes of Ignite

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