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From Ilya Roublev <iroub...@gmail.com>
Subject Prevent automatic Ignite server node start for Spring Boot
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2019 05:53:35 GMT
I have the following problem. I'm developing a Spring Boot application, this
application uses Ignite, but via creation of some client nodes (when it is
necessary). The following is the part of pom.xml for the project:

The problem is when the application is started, I get the following log:

But that is not at all what was expected, this server node was created
without any intention to do this (Ignite server nodes are started
separately). The matter is I removed just for test purposes all the code
working with Ignite at all, the only thing that has to do with Ignite is the
following dependency:

Now there are no any configuration xmls in JAR (relating to Ignite or not).
But when JAR is launched, the above Ignite server node starts.

Could you please help me and explain how to prevent such a start of Ignite
server nodes? Further within the application special client nodes are to be
created, but this is to be done intentionally. I'd like to avoid any
unintentional creation of any Ignite nodes (server or client ones).

Thank you very much in advance.

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