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From summasumma <bytestre...@gmail.com>
Subject Geo redundancy support in Ignite?
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2018 11:29:49 GMT
Hi all,

Can anyone please let me know if there is Geo redundancy scenario support in

Say, if we need a geo-replication of a ignite cluster, what is the best way
to do/configure? Any Ignite specific suggestions already available?

Can u pls clarify following?
1. Is it possible in ignite to bring up 2 clusters in 2 different
location(geo) and make one cluster as backup for another? meaning, if the
cluster goes down due to some catastrophe in one location, can another
cluster across geo can act as active cluster now? (Active-Standby)

2. Lets say we make 2 server nodes across geo-location as a single cluster,
then the backup replication between them is split. Now when a record is
inserted by client node to this cluster, then half of them will be stored in
the nearby geo location node in cluster and remaining half wil go to the
other server node in the same cluster. So if the client-node does a
key-based lookup 50% of the time it ll come from far geo location and
traverse the network which will create latency?

3. Is there a availablity zone kindof feature in Ignite where we can specify
the client node to communicate with the nearest availaility zone Ignite
cluster after initial negotiation?


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