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From Ray <ray...@cisco.com>
Subject Create index got stuck and freeze whole cluster.
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2018 06:21:35 GMT
I'm using a five nodes Ignite 2.6 cluster.
When I try try to create index on table with10 million records using sql
"create index on table(a,b,c,d)", the whole cluster freezes and prints the
following log for 40 minutes.

][exchange-worker-#162][GridDhtPartitionsExchangeFuture] Unable to await
partitions release latch within timeout: ServerLatch [permits=4,
ec5be25e-6601-468c-9f0e-7ab7c8caa9e9, 45819b05-a338-4bc4-b104-f0c7567fd49d,
cbb80db7-b342-4b97-ba61-97d57c194a1a], super=CompletableLatch [id=exchange,
topVer=AffinityTopologyVersion [topVer=202, minorTopVer=1]]]

I noticed one of the servers(log in server3.zip) is stuck in checkpoint
process, and this server acts as coordinator in PME.
In the log I see only 856610 pages needs to be flushed to disk, but the
checkpoint takes 32 minutes to finish.
While another node takes 7 minutes to finish writing 919060 pages to disk.
Also the disk usage on the slow checkpoint server is not 100%.

Here's the whole log file for 5 servers.

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