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From mawu <220140...@seu.edu.cn>
Subject fieldsQueryCursor.getAll() performance is really bad
Date Sat, 29 Sep 2018 08:06:01 GMT
Hi there,

When using sql query to get a list of objects, I find that the performance
is really slow. I am wondering, is this normal? my cache size is about

my code is like this :
queryStr  = "select id shopid,publictransit,fulladdress,phoneno,votetotal,
dishtags, comment, adpic,preferpicurl, 
dealgroupid,dealgrouptitle,dealgrouptype, newmembercardid,
newmembercardtitle, hasbooksetting,  isqueueable,banquetinfo,
gifurl,recommendlang from dpshop where id in (112166223) AND id > 0 "

FieldsQueryCursor<List&amp;lt;?>> fieldsQueryCursor =
List<List&amp;lt;?>> rowData = fieldsQueryCursor.getAll();  // very slow !!!

my record object as follows:
@SchemaDefinition(name = "dpshopmaterial")
public class DpShop {
    @QuerySqlField(index = true)
    @FieldMapping(name = "entityid")
    private String id;

    private Integer entitytype;

it has the index field and sql is still very slow and 
the  fieldsQueryCursor.getAll()  consuming 99% of the time . Is there any
way to tune 
cursor.getAll()  or any alternate way to get data from cursor. ]

best regrds


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