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From im281 <iman.mohtash...@gmail.com>
Subject AWS Cluster
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2018 00:11:46 GMT
I am having hard time connecting to a 2 node cluster on an AWS deployment. I
created two EC2 instances that I would like to 
1) have discover each other
2) Connect via a .NET client

I have followed the following instructions to create EC2 instances


Then used a simple example in .NET to simply connect


Any suggestions would be appreciated
best regards

Here is a code snippet

 private static void InsertObjectToAWSCache()
            Ignition.ClientMode = true;

            var cfg = new IgniteClientConfiguration
                Host = "ec2 public DNS"


            using (IIgniteClient client = Ignition.StartClient(cfg))
                ICacheClient<int, string> cache = client.GetCache<int,
                cache.Put(1, "Hello, World!");



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