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From wt <waynethe...@gmail.com>
Subject ignite.net config (applying spring and .net config)
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2018 13:25:34 GMT

I am trying to work out if i can start ignite using the spring config but
then register a custom .net plugin through .net but i can't find any
documentation on how this can be done apart from this section from the
following documentation (see in bold for the specific reference to this)


/Spring XML
Spring XML allows native java-based Ignite configuration. Spring config file
can be provided via Ignition.Start(string) method and
IgniteConfiguration.SpringConfigUrl property.

When IgniteConfiguration.SpringConfigUrl property is used, Spring config is
loaded first, *and other IgniteConfiguration properties are applied on top
of it.* This is useful when some Java property is not supported in
Ignite.NET directly./

What i would like to know is how can i register a plugin using .net classes
i have written after i have started the services with this code

/ var r = Ignition.Start(@"C:\ignite_rmdbs.xml");


There is a useful plugin example but it is referring to a .net plugin that
calls an existing java plugin. The problem is in that example the config is
all done in .net. I have searched around and not getting much luck with an
example of this if it is possible. 

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