CacheStore.loadCache is used to load data to the one cache only, so, you should implement one CacheStore, in which you will request data from 3rd party DB using select with joins. After it, you have to create your objects from this data and insert it into cache.


2018-07-24 16:42 GMT+03:00 musclesonvacation <gary.rusher@vizientinc.com>:

I'm developing in C#. i want to pull a composite type consisting of partial
fields from 4 tables.

I have these tables defined in an ignite node. I can run a sql query through
the vizor console and get the results expected.

moving to the client i'm not sure how to set this up.

do i need to define 4 binary cachesstores and a composite cachestore?

I realize consuming this in .net requires binaryobjects for serialization.

all the examples do cachestore queries against one table, my need to to
query four.

please any help would be great.


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