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From Mikael <mikael-arons...@telia.com>
Subject Re: Questions about how Ignite SQL Works
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2018 08:18:01 GMT

With native persistence enabled it's all done for you, a query will 
search both ram and disk contents and at a restart Ignite will load 
"missing" data from disk when needed, so if you do an SQL query it will 
load any data from disk if it should be included in the result, for the 
query point of view it's no difference if you have (native) persistence 
enabled or not, it works the same way.


Den 2018-07-30 kl. 09:30, skrev Lijun Cao:
> Hi:
> I have referenced *How Ignite SQL Works *document but I still have got 
> 2 questions.
> The first question is,  when I load data to Ignite cluster(3 nodes) in 
> first time, the data is stored both on RAM and disk(I enabled local 
> persistence), so which area does Ignite query on in this situation?
> The second question is, when I restart the cluster which I have 
> mentioned above, the data is still on disk, but not exists in the RAM, 
> so how can I load the data from disk to RAM in this situation?
> Look for your reply :-).

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