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From siva <siva.ka...@bizruntime.com>
Subject Partitioned vs Replicated mode
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2018 17:23:51 GMT

We need to test the Partitioned vs Replicated cache modes.Since as per the

Replicated use for small data sets and where read operations
frequently,Partitioned mode use for large data sets and where updates are

But in our scenario each message we end up with more than 15kb ,and read and
update  operations frequently

1.What is the best way and framework  to test Partitioned vs Replicated mode
with large data sets?
2.I have tested with the 4 nodes in two machines, its giving almost same
results in both partitioned and replicated mode.(both Put and Get).I have
used dotTrace framework to test.Is there any other framework test?
2.Initially if we start the cluster with 3 server nodes, and created a cache
name called "Users" with one backup copy .Let say if later another 2  nodes
added ,can we increase the backup copies with out destroying that cache?

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