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From Dave Harvey <dhar...@jobcase.com>
Subject Baseline Topology and Node Failure
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2018 20:33:34 GMT
The introduction in 2.4 of Baselines seems quite helpful.   If a node
restarts, it will avoid excessive rebalancing.
What is unclear from the documentation is what happens in the case  where a
node fails, and doesn't come back.   I'm assuming that in fact nothing
happens, except that the backups on that node are now offline, 
some backups may have been promoted to primaries, and the cluster continues
to function, but not rebalancing (but that does not appear to be stated).

My question is:  After this event is detected, and something decides to
replace the node, what  process should be used to ensure that the new node
replaces the old one.  Is it sufficient to simply set a new baseline
("--baseline set"), and the minimum amount of data movement will occur?  Or
is there something that needs to be done to get the  right node IDs, or
replace the old node with the new one?

It is unclear what triggers rebalancing, e.g., --baseline remove or just
--baseline set

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