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From Prasad Bhalerao <prasadbhalerao1...@gmail.com>
Subject Table creation in Ignite
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2018 14:35:17 GMT

 As per this https://apacheignite-sql.readme.io/docs/create-table link,

The CREATE TABLE creates a new Ignite cache and defines an SQL table on top
of it. The cache stores the data in the form of key-value pairs while the
table allows processing the data with SQL queries.

Does it mean that it stores the data in table as well as in key value
cache? I meant to say that does it duplicates the data?

In which format does it store the table rows or column values?

When I fire a sql on table using jdbc approach, does it require to
de-serialize the data while doing index scan?

If I do not map the table to Java pojo, does this store the key and value
in Binary Object format in respective cache?

When I fire a sql (using SqlFieldsQuery) directly on a cache which sits on
top of this table, does it require de-serialization of value?

Can you please help me to understand this?


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