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From joseheitor <j...@heitorprojects.com>
Subject Re: How to configure a cluster as a persistent, replicated SQL database
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2018 15:12:10 GMT
Hi Denis,

I have now launched the 3 nodes on different boxes, and listed their
addresses in each config.

The nodes seem to be aware of each other, as I notice the topology updating
when I bring additional nodes online/offline.

As usual, my JDBC connection points to the local node (where I am activating
the cluster on), but does not connect to the cluster port (11211) only to
the default 10800 port.

If I lose any or all of the (2) remote nodes, my JDBC connection continues
to work. But if I lose the local node - my database connection fails.

I wonder if the problem lies in my JDBC connection... should I not be
pointing to a general 'cluster' endpoint, rather than a specific node
address and port? (It seems somewhat logical that my database connection
fails when the node that it is pointing to goes down...?)


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