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From Denis Mekhanikov <dmekhani...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Connection problem between client and server
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2018 16:11:59 GMT
Hi Jeff!

1 MB sound like a lot of data. Especially for discovery protocol. I didn't
check, what is the volume of discovery data normally, but I think, it
shouldn't be measured in megabytes. If you don't create thousands of
caches, of cause.
What work load do you perform on your cluster? How many caches do you
create? Can you provide node configuration files?

Node startup can be slow, if you have long ping between server nodes. Make
sure, that network between nodes is stable and has low latency.


ср, 3 янв. 2018 г. в 9:40, Jeff Jiao <jeffjiaoyiming@gmail.com>:

> Hi Ignite community,
> we are encountering a connection problem, in our production environment,
> we have 3 Ignite servers with 500G+ of data each, and about 30 Ignite
> clients running.
> then we tried to start a simple Ignite client in different environment,
> Citrix environment, it cannot connect to the existing servers. (firewalls
> are open in both way for 47500-47509 and 47100-47109)
> we did some investigating,
> 1. if we start only one Ignite server node, this Ignite client from Citrix
> can connect to it very fast, about 2-4 secs. (Server=1, Client=1)
> 2. then we start all of the 3 Ignite servers, it still can connect to
> servers but took longer, about 20 secs. (Server=3, Client=1)
> 3. then we start 2 of our services which contains an Ignite client node,
> then start this Ignite client in Citrix, it took 27-30 secs. (Server=3,
> Client=3)
> it looks like this connection establishment process depends on the amount
> of
> Ignite nodes.
> then we did some testing in our development environment and QA environment,
> we used a tool to catch the packages transport from Ignite server to Ignite
> client through port 47500 when they connect,
> in DEV env, we have 1 server and 4 clients running, then start a client
> node, the size of packages from server to this client is about 1MB.
> in QA env, we have 3 servers and 12 clients running, then start a client
> node, the size of packages from servers to this client is about 4MB.
> The result also can prove the point.
> we guess that between our Production env and Citrix env, when client try to
> connect, there are too much infos need to be transport and reach some limit
> or timeout...
> so are we in the correct direction for debugging? do you have any ideas or
> suggestions for this situation? or does Ignite has some configurations
> which
> can control the information transportation when connect?
> Thanks a lot,
> Jeff
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