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From Denis Magda <dma...@apache.org>
Subject Re: usage of Apache ignite as Key value DB
Date Sat, 20 Jan 2018 05:28:37 GMT

> On Jan 17, 2018, at 4:30 AM, Rajesh Kishore <rajesh10sinha@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Mikael,
> Thanks a ton for your response. I got descent understanding that for any operation I
need to define cache and the cache item can be persisted.
> - Does it mean all CRUD operations would be performed via cache operations ?


> - Consider the case of berkley db where entities are stored locally in file system. And
these entry container were defined by the berkley db apis, so how entities container are created
in Ignite , is it driven by cacheName? where the entities are stored? To be simple where the
records for "Person" & "Department" would be stored and how that can be configured

Think of a cache as of a table in an RBMS. So “Person” and “Department” will be stored
in separate caches.

Data grid (key-value) examples should boost your plunging into Ignite concepts:


> Thanks,
> Rajesh
> On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 5:37 PM, Mikael <mikael-aronsson@telia.com <mailto:mikael-aronsson@telia.com>>
> There are lots of examples not using SQL, have a look at:
> https://apacheignite.readme.io/docs/jcache <https://apacheignite.readme.io/docs/jcache>
> Ignite implements the JCache API, just use get/put and so on.
> Den 2018-01-17 kl. 12:44, skrev Rajesh Kishore:
>> This is much informative. Further I want to use key value apis instead of sql apis
which is only given in the example. 
>> The idea is that it should ease my migration process from Berkley dB based code where
I am relying on key value apis to play with record in different dB containers, what is the
equivalent here of ignite i.e how do we represent different entity say employee in local file
system and how to insert and retrieve record 
>> Thanks 
>> Rajesh 
>> On 17 Jan 2018 3:59 p.m., "Mikael" <mikael-aronsson@telia.com <mailto:mikael-aronsson@telia.com>>
>> You have to run an Ignite instance to use it (you can embed it in your application),
you can't just use the key value store on it's own, a LOCAL cache would be the closest to
a Berkeley DB store.
>> Docs at : https://apacheignite.readme.io/docs/data-grid <https://apacheignite.readme.io/docs/data-grid>
>> Den 2018-01-17 kl. 11:05, skrev Rajesh Kishore:
>> Hi,
>> I am newbie to Apache Ignite. We are trying to explore Ignite as key value DB to
be replaced with our existing Berkely DB in application.
>> Currently, Bekley DB is embedded in the application and db container operations are
performed using Berkely DB apis , similar functionalities we would need for Ignite.
>> The idea is to replace berkley db apis to Ignite apis to use Ignite as key value
>> I could not find any docs for the usage of ignite libraries to be used in the application.
>> Any pointers please
>> Thanks & Regards,
>> Rajesh Kishore

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