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From Alex33 <spamy_...@mail.ru>
Subject Logic of work Ignite cache
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2018 08:55:27 GMT
Hello all. Sorry, perhaps, for newbie question.Can you consult me about logic
of work Ignite. We use some app. It send some searchkey to Ignite and get
search results. We use Ignite 2.0. So we have scheme App <->Ignite
<->Persistanse cache via MySQL for Ignite <-> some data providers. Am I
right that, when Ignite get some searchkey, it at first will search data in
it's cache in RAM, if not found, will search in Persistence cache, if not
found, will send request to data providers, get some results, cached them in
RAM and in MySQL. Or Persistence cache is used only for storing search
results, not during search proccess in cache, and is used only , if node is
restart, to get "warm" node?

Thanks a lot

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