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From rizal123 <khaerul.ri...@btpn.com>
Subject Migrating from Oracle to Apache Ignite.
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2018 03:05:04 GMT

I have a project/poc, about migrating database oracle into in memory apache

First of all, this is my topology.

in case image not showing: https://ibb.co/cbi5cR

I have done this thing:
1. Create node server cluster. And import schema oracle into it.
2. Load data from Oracle into server cluster using LoadCache.
3. From my application, change datasource into ignite cluster. (just only
one IP address). Currently i am using Jdbc Thin.
4. Start my application, and its Up. It`s running well.

I have the following problems:
1. JDBC Thin, does not support Transactional SQL. I really need this ticket
to be fixed.
2. Multi connection IP Address for JDBC Thin, or Load Balancer for JDBC
3. Automatic fail over. I have tested 1 machine, with 3 node cluster server.
If the first node (That was first turn on) down, the connection will down
too. Though there are still 2 clusters that live. 

Please let me know if there any solution...

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