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From Naveen <naveen.band...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Affinity - Join query on the collocated data taking 90 seconds
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2017 13:50:19 GMT
Hi All

Had any one got a chance look into this issue. 

As mentioned,  I am using Affinity key and IgniteDataStreamer to load data
of 10M.

This is how my code looks like 

Customer cache - PartyID is the primary key
IgniteDataStreamer<String, Customer> streamer =

Account cache - AccoutnID is the Primary key and also has PartyID column 
IgniteDataStreamer<AffinityKey, Account> streamer =
//Setting the Affinity kay 
accountKey = new AffinityKey(AccountID, PartyID);
streamer.addData(accountKey, act);

My requirement is to join customer and account with the partyID and query
for a specific party ID, the is the query I run 

select P.PARTY_ID, A.PARTY_ID, P.ACCOUNT_ID_LIST from "Customer".Customer P,
"Account".Account  A where P.PARTY_ID='P101000001' and P.PARTY_ID=

This seems to be work without specifying the distributeJoins=true, and
response also very fast, around 30  ms. However, I could see some data
missing Account cache. 


Have added Java cod for reference, if you want to reproduce the issue.


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