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From huzx <huzongxing0...@gmail.com>
Subject why the records not zero after execute "cache -clear"
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2017 04:37:05 GMT
Hello everybody,

   I'm just using ignite(data grid). In my use case, After "cache -clear" I
found the count of the cache not consistent with the real count of record in
IgniteCache, my operation is as follows:
   1. I create the cache by transaction mode (backup 3),  persist mode by
   2. Using spark IgniteContext to put about 1000w record (has two fields
both are string)
       key: string
       value: string
   3. when all the data have put to the cache, then I use sqlline, execute
"select count(*) from recordCache", then I get the record is 1000w
   4. then I use visorcmd connect to the grid, and do "cache -clear ", to
clear all the records of cache, when the count is zero, I use sqlline to
check the count, and the result is as expected.
   5.  I stop all the Ignite server node, when all the node has started, I
use visorcmd to check the count of the cache, I found the count is not

       1. how "cache -clear" works? is this operation only clear cache in
memory or can clear records both in the disk and in memory?
        2. In persist mode, how does ignite do persist? will ignite persist
all data to disk or ignite persist partial data to disk, partial data to
        3. when ignite node has gone, how rebalance will be executed? will
all the data in the gone node all be rebalanced? 

   thanks for your reply!

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