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From Lybrial <Lybr...@googlemail.com>
Subject DataStreamer vs CacheStoreAdapter
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2017 16:30:23 GMT

im new to ignite and im not completely sure about the different use cases
for `igeniteDataStreamer` and `CacheStoreAdapter`. In my application I have
two different usecases but both rely on preloading data from a database into
the ignite cache.

1. The first usecase is just some kind of bulk loading data into the cache.
No transformations or additional work needed, just copy the whole database
into the cache. I thought the `IgniteDataStreamer` would be the way to go
here, is this correct? If yes: How could I optimize the data loading if my
data is distributed between several databases. What If I have, lets say, 10
databases with distinct data in each table but they have the same shema.
Could I parallelize the dataloading so that all 10 databases are getting
loaded into the cache at the same time.

2. The second usecase is that I load data from the database and group them
into different caches meaning that for a given identifier (key) I will have
a set of entries and every identifier will have its own cache. Does it make
sense to use a `CacheStoreAdapter` here?

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