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From gunman524 <guojin0...@126.com>
Subject Re: Register Contentious query quit slow
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2017 00:24:30 GMT

I can understand the meta data need to be updated when the CQ has initial
query(IQ) or remote filter(RF). But my understading is only the object
within IQ and RF need to be updated and the stuff in Local listeners does

In my case, the logic in IQ and RF is simple string compare
          e.getValue().<String> field("FROM_RDC")).equals(localRDC)
and those can be update to cluster if necessary and does make scene.  But
the object in local listener and all object it referenced does not need to
be update to cluster. 

Fact is after I commented out IQ, RF and keep local listeners exists, no
more meta data update happened and the program still work. Seems it proved
my guess.

I didn't go through Ignite code carefully for this part, but it feels like
current logic will check whether IQ or RF is exists. If yes, will update the
meta data of whole CQ instead of just IQ and RF part.

Can we do this enhancement that do not update meta data in Local listener to
cluster?  Or is there has technical issue?



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