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From svonn <sveng...@posteo.de>
Subject Student Blog about Apache Ignite & Questions how to efficiently handle data
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2017 16:07:55 GMT

I noticed that this community is pretty active, so there might be some
people that are interested in this:

For a university project, we're trying to compare different stream
processing engines. I decided to use Apache Ignite.
Since our professorship hasn't really worked with most of those engines,
we're supposed to write a Blog about our progressions - mostly focused on
the stuff that doesn't work. 
So if you're interested in following a newbie struggling with Apache Ignite,
you might like this:


I am always super happy about recommendations, tips, and experience I can
get from others, so don't hesitate with feedback!


Now, to the question part:

The following data is to be streamed to Ignite:

Measurement: A measurement is basically the biggest entity, containing both
AccelerationPoints as well as GpsPoints. 
The key sent by our produced consists of the deviceId concatinated with a
measurementId. This key is unique as works as primary key.
GpsPoint: A GpsPoint belongs to a Measurement and has the very same key,
deviceId:MeasurementId. Its value (serialized as byte[] in Kafka, I convert
it to a binary object for Ignite currently) contains a timestamp, which
could probably be enough in combination with the key provided by Kafka for a
primary key.
AccelerationPoint: Similar to a GpsPoint, only that we get about 200 of
those per GpsPoint - they need to be interpolated later.

The issue now is that Kafka Connect provides the deviceId:MeasurementId key
schema for all three entities - therefore I'm either running in key
conflicts or I'm forced to overwrite the data already in the cache.
How do I deal with those key issues? 
I was thinking about either adding the timestamp from the value to the key
or just add any new entity to a list of entities with the same key. For both
those approaches, I don't really know how to do it properly since it has to
happen somewhere between consuming the data from Kafka and writing it to

Any help would be appreciated!

Best regards,

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