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From Chris Berry <chriswbe...@gmail.com>
Subject ignite.compute(ClusterGroup) is broken??
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2017 06:34:38 GMT

This is a continuation of this Thread, which has gone stale…

That Thread is concerned with Ignite sending ComputeJobs to Nodes

As suggested in that Thread, I am now creating the IgniteCompute with a
Like this

            ClusterGroup readyNodes =
            return ignite.compute(readyNodes);

where getNodesReadyForCompute is

    public ClusterGroup getNodesReadyForCompute(IgniteCluster cluster) {
          return cluster.forPredicate((node) ->

But this does not work as advertised!!
I can see unequivocally that ALL Nodes the Grid are receiving ComputeJobs as
soon as the partitions are balanced.
Even when a Node is NOT in the ClusterGroup.
(I can prove this with the logs)

Is this a bug in Ignite??
It does not appear to be honoring the ClusterGroup??

The scenario is as follows.

I have 12 Nodes in the Grid. And thus, 12 in the ClusterGroup. 
(There is 1 Primary and 1 Backup of all data. So when I kill a Node the data
is definitely on another Node)
I kill one Node. And now, there are only 11 in the ClusterGroup.
Another Node comes online – and as soon as it is fully registered in Ignite
that new Node starts to see ComputeJobs
Even though the ClusterGroup still has only 11 entries in it. And does NOT
include the new Node.

It seems that there is either a bug in Ignite??
Or perhaps I do not have things wired up properly??

It is my understanding that Ignite will send load to either the Primary or
the Backup??

Could someone please enlighten me??

-- Chris 

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