I’m using the Ignite 2.2 C# client to make ComputeTask calls.


I have a type in an argument to one of those calls that is a two dimensional array of floats, like this:



Public float[,] = new float[32, 32];


When this field is present in a structure being serialized (either in the argument, or in the response), I get the following error (when the field is in the result):


Call completed successfully, but result serialization failed […, serializationErrMsg=Expression of type 'System.Single[,]' cannot be used for parameter of type 'System.Single[]']

This is odd as the serializer seems to be getting one dimensional and two dimensional arrays confused.


If I change the element being serialized to a single dimensional array (as below), then the serialization is fine.



Public float[] = new float[1024];


Are multi-dimensional arrays expected to be supported? Note: This is a rectangular array, not a jagged array (which would be possible if the definition was float[][]), which I expect would give the serialiser more trouble.