How many nodes you have? For large grids, there is a recommendation to prestart one node and then start others.
Would you please share grid configuration and thread dumps from stucked nodes?

On Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 11:52 AM, rishi007bansod <rishi007bansod@gmail.com> wrote:
     Initially I was trying with auto discovery in swarm mode. But as
mentioned in post
Multicast is not supported in overlay network
    So, now I have tried with static discovery. Created subnet
and mentioned all ips in static discovery. But still in this case nodes are
not able to connect each other. Following is the log in -verbose mode :

>>>    __________  ________________
>>>   /  _/ ___/ |/ /  _/_  __/ __/
>>>  _/ // (7 7    // /  / / / _/
>>> /___/\___/_/|_/___/ /_/ /___/
>>> ver. 1.9.0#20170302-sha1:a8169d0a
>>> 2017 Copyright(C) Apache Software Foundation
>>> Ignite documentation: http://ignite.apache.org

[08:35:54,718][INFO][main][IgniteKernal] Config URL: n/a
[08:35:54,718][INFO][main][IgniteKernal] Daemon mode: off
[08:35:54,718][INFO][main][IgniteKernal] OS: Linux
3.10.0-229.14.1.el7.x86_64 amd64
[08:35:54,718][INFO][main][IgniteKernal] OS user: root
[08:35:54,720][INFO][main][IgniteKernal] PID: 7
[08:35:54,720][INFO][main][IgniteKernal] Language runtime: Java Platform API
Specification ver. 1.8
[08:35:54,721][INFO][main][IgniteKernal] VM information: OpenJDK Runtime
Environment 1.8.0_111-8u111-b14-2~bpo8+1-b14 Oracle Corporation OpenJDK
64-Bit Server VM 25.111-b14
[08:35:54,722][INFO][main][IgniteKernal] VM total memory: 27.0GB
[08:35:54,722][INFO][main][IgniteKernal] Remote Management [restart: off,
REST: on, JMX (remote: off)]
[08:35:54,723][INFO][main][IgniteKernal] VM arguments:
[08:35:54,723][INFO][main][IgniteKernal] Configured caches
['ignite-marshaller-sys-cache', 'ignite-sys-cache',
[08:35:54,729][INFO][main][IgniteKernal] 3-rd party licenses can be found
at: /opt/ignite/apache-ignite-fabric-1.9.0-bin/libs/licenses
[08:35:54,806][INFO][main][IgnitePluginProcessor] Configured plugins:
[08:35:54,806][INFO][main][IgnitePluginProcessor]   ^-- None
[08:35:54,867][INFO][main][TcpCommunicationSpi] Successfully bound
communication NIO server to TCP port [port=47100, locHost=,
selectorsCnt=28, selectorSpins=0, pairedConn=false]
[08:36:14,894][WARNING][main][TcpCommunicationSpi] Message queue limit is
set to 0 which may lead to potential OOMEs when running cache operations in
FULL_ASYNC or PRIMARY_SYNC modes due to message queues growth on sender and
receiver sides.
[08:36:14,937][WARNING][main][NoopCheckpointSpi] Checkpoints are disabled
(to enable configure any GridCheckpointSpi implementation)
[08:36:14,976][WARNING][main][GridCollisionManager] Collision resolution is
disabled (all jobs will be activated upon arrival).
[08:36:14,980][WARNING][main][NoopSwapSpaceSpi] Swap space is disabled. To
enable use FileSwapSpaceSpi.
[08:36:14,982][INFO][main][IgniteKernal] Security status
[authentication=off, tls/ssl=off]
[08:36:15,391][INFO][main][GridTcpRestProtocol] Command protocol
successfully started [name=TCP binary, host=, port=11211]
[08:36:15,436][INFO][main][IgniteKernal] Non-loopback local IPs:,
[08:36:15,436][INFO][main][IgniteKernal] Enabled local MACs: 0242AC120004,
[08:36:15,474][INFO][main][TcpDiscoverySpi] Successfully bound to TCP port
[port=47500, localHost=,

After this ignite waits indefinitely without starting node

Best regards,
Andrey V. Mashenkov