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From Denis Mekhanikov <dmekhani...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: ComputeTask is including Nodes for ComputeJobs prematurely
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2017 15:18:56 GMT
> Would you stop Ignite & start it again??
Yes, I meant that. You can't tell Ignite not to take compute tasks, you can
only configure compute tasks not to be executed on certain nodes. So, the
first run will be to read configuration, the second one - to execute tasks
and do everything else. To avoid rebalancing, you can configure node
filters for caches as well:

> Both the “start twice” and the “dynamic cluster group solution” do not appear
to work for Affinity??
Affinity doesn't have anything to do with cluster groups. I recommended you
to use cluster groups to separate nodes, that are reading configuration
from those, which execute compute tasks.

What about synchronization? This solution seems to be the easiest.


ср, 22 нояб. 2017 г. в 17:11, Chris Berry <chriswberry@gmail.com>:

> Hi Denis,
> Thank you very much for responding.
> I’m unclear what you meant by “start Ignite twice”??
> I don’t really understand how that scenario would work.
> Would you stop Ignite & start it again??
> And, if so, wouldn’t that cause a whole new “rebalancing” to occur??
> Is there a “soft restart” that I am missing??
> Unfortunately, I do not see how the “dynamic cluster group based on a
> predicate” will work for me??
> Otherwise, it _would_ be a great solution…
> We rely heavily on Affinity to assure that the cache data is all collocated
> for computation.
>     Map<ComputeJob, ClusterNode> jobMap = new HashMap<>();
>     try {
>         List<UUID> cacheKeys = getIgniteAffinityCacheKeys(request);
>        Map<ClusterNode, Collection&lt;UUID>> nodeToKeysMap = ignite.
> <UUID>affinity(getIgniteAffinityCacheName()).mapKeysToNodes(cacheKeys);
> And, unfortunately, I do NOT believe that this works with ClusterGroups.
> Correct??
> So. It seems that I still do not understand how to implement this…
> Both the “start twice” and the “dynamic cluster group solution” do not
> appear to work for Affinity??
> Thanks for your help!!
> Cheers,
> -- Chris
> --
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