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From Alexey Kukushkin <kukushkinale...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Failed to start near cache (a cache with the same name without near cache is already started
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2017 18:57:49 GMT

Near caches are transparent for you - there is no user API to get reference
to or work with near caches. The purpose of a near cache is to "cache the
cache", that is to be a local cache for a distributed cache. Ignite
transparently fills near cache with the most recent data when you work with
the underlying distributed cache. That also means you should not use near
cache if you use co-located (server-side) data access/computations since
near cache is local by definition.

There are two kinds of API to create a near cache:

   1. Create near cache for existing distributed
   cache: ignite.getOrCreateNearCache(existnigDistibutedCacheName,
   nearCacheConfiguration). This will return the exiting distributed cache and
   start a near cache for it or fail if the distributed cache does not exist.
   2. Create a new distributed cache with near
   cache:  ignite.createCache(newDistibutedCacheName, nearCacheConfiguration)
   3. ignite.getOrCreateCache(distibutedCacheName, nearCacheConfiguration)
   - this behaves like option 1 or 2 depending on whether the distributed
   cache exists.

Thus, answering your question - use any of the API above to create a near
cache for "TableA". for example:

Cache<?, ?> tableA = ignite.getOrCreateCache("TableA", new

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