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From Mikhail <michael.cherka...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Adding more ignite-clients slows down the first client
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2017 15:48:01 GMT
Hi Tobias,

if you need to do an initial loading of a big amount of data, please read
the following section:

>BUT when I add one more client to try to increased (scale horizontally) 
>I clearly see that the INSERT speed decreases on the first client by a
>(dropping about 7,500 inserts/second from it’s 19,000 !!!)

you didn't scale it horizontally, you just added more load for one ignite
server, if you need to scale it, you need
to add more server nodes, you set backup==1, that means that you need to add
at least 2 more nodes that see that it scales horizontally and linearly.

>Although the total speed increases to around ~25,000 INSERTs / second, this
is still not good, and does not scale very well.

ignite scales pretty good, looks like *one* ignite server node reaches its
limit, check cpu loading on the server node, I believe there would be 100%
CPU utilization. So to scale it you need to add server nodes that will store
data, because with you set up there's only 1 node that tries to handle
traffic from 4 client nodes. 
Also, you might be reach network IO limit, anyway in this case you also need
to add more server nodes to split network a traffic from 4 clients to
several server nodes.

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