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From luqmanahmad <luqmanah...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: split-brain problem and GridSegmentationProcessor
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2017 00:26:30 GMT
Hi Amit,

There was no ticket raised for this one so I implemented the solution for
the company I worked in the past but dont have a copy with me. Its pretty

You can implement your custom segmentation resolvers (depending on your
needs) by implementing SegmentationResolver interface.

They are only required on the server side to validate your topology so its
upto your custom logic in SegmentationResolver, it could be anything.

If you are running through spring xml then you can make a jar of your
custom resolvers and drop them inside the lib/ext folder and set your
resolvers accordingly through setSegmentationResolvers (..) method.

There are also some other useful functions available, i dont remember from
the top of my head but have a look.

Above approach works out of the box for most of the cases but if you have
got multiple segmentation resolvers and you want all of them to be passed
for a valid topology, in that case you have to write a custom plugin to
override the default implementation of GridSegmentationProcessor which is
missing from Ignite and set your plugin in Ignite accordingly.

I hope it helps.


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