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From Amit Pundir <amitpun...@gmail.com>
Subject Deadlock detected while accessing caches
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2017 18:43:31 GMT
I have a Ignite 2.0 cluster of 8 servers and 8 clients. It has 6 caches
which are transactional and partitioned.
I use pessimistic transactions with a timeout of 60 seconds. Under
performance testing, I found a deadlock message in the log.

I have reviewed the code and there is no cyclic access to the caches
involved in this deadlock. 
Any pointers to what could be causing the deadlock?


Caused by: javax.cache.CacheException: class
Deadlock detected:
K1: TX1 holds lock, TX2 waits lock.
K2: TX2 holds lock, TX1 waits lock.
TX1 [txId=GridCacheVersion [topVer=119195537, order=1507719060726,
nodeOrder=25], nodeId=b40c8125-9473-431e-afe4-dc69614ba21d, threadId=136]
TX2 [txId=GridCacheVersion [topVer=119195537, order=1507719060762,
nodeOrder=27], nodeId=f36e3eeb-3892-41af-8101-b7ea4a6ba0de, threadId=138]
K1 [key=ItemKey [itemCode=24, priorityCode=-1, store=Zone [zoneCode=AZ,
zoneNumber=198]], cache=ZoneCache]
K2 [key=AssetKey [store=Zone [zoneCode=AZ, zoneNumber=198],
orderId=91212095439], cache=readyToSellAssetsCache]

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