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From "Naveen" <nband...@tibco.com>
Subject Two persistent data stores for a single Ignite cluster - RDBMS and Ignite native
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2017 08:57:07 GMT
Hi All


Can we have 2 persistent stores for one ignite cluster - one RDBMS mostly oracle and second
one is ignite native persistence data store


The reason why we are exploring this option is – 


We already have an in-memory solution running here in production whose persistent data store
is Oracle and there are quite many downstream applications getting data from Oracle where
complex PL/SQL stored Procs and packages were written, which may not be possible to re-write
the same for Ignite and same time we don’t want to touch when we move to Ignite. 


And, we do not want have a bottle neck which could be the result of using Oracle as a persistent
data store (which is a centralized one not shared like native ignite persistence), if there
is any issue on Oracle, It will slow down both GETs and PUTs of the whole ignite cluster,
that’s the reason we would like to have native ignite persistence as well which will act
as a primary back up (preload data from native persistence store instead of DB). 


Should be sometime like this


Upserts                Client à RAM à Ignite Native (Primary) 

è DB (Secondary)


GETS                      Clients à RAM à Ignite Native


Cluster Restart  preload from Ignite Native


Upserts should keep going to both the data stores where as for all the queries it should use
ignite native.


Can we achieve this one ignite cluster with 2 backend data stores?


Regards, Naveen


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