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From Bob Li <2565003...@qq.com>
Subject Re: AffinityKeyMapped consideration for multi-level collocation.
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2017 14:58:30 GMT
Thank Dmity.

I got some mistake in the "OrganizationKey" class and correct them, which
should be like:

 public class OrganizationKey {
    /** ID. */
    private int organizationId;

    /** Organization ID. */
    private int areaId;

I want to collocate those Organization objects with the Area object which
they belong to.

Then I put those Employee objects and their Organization object together by
the "EmployeeKey":
ublic class EmployeeKey {
    private int employeeId;
    /** ID. */

    /** Organization ID. */
    private int organizationId;


I followed the above, but didn't work. I have 2 server nodes,  and checked
the distribution of employee objects with the same organizationId which were
saved in 2 nodes.
BTW, my Ignite version is 2.2 and used page memory cache.



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