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From Jeff Jiao <jeffjiaoyim...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: when client node connect to server node, server node throws NotSerializableException
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2017 07:55:39 GMT
just in case you don't see my replies, I will put all of these in one msg.

yes, PIgniteCacheStoreFactory implements javax.cache.configuration.Factory, 
and this factory extends Serializable. 
like I said " I already created my own factory to create the cache store to 
avoid Serialization problem." and I really need to inject properties to the
cacheStore when factory create it. 
without the custom factory, it cannot start any nodes b/c my own cacheStore
doesn't implements Serializable. 

The problem I had is when I start a client node to connect to a running 
server node, on server node throws exception and client node looks fine, 
this is wierd... why the connection trigger the exception.. 


from the the bottom part of server side log, we can see that "Caused by:

what does this mean? is it related to I store BinaryObject as value?


I tried to comment out this part, the exception I saw on server node 
before doesn't appear this time... 
so it looks like Cache Factory/Store problem... but why... 

<property name="readThrough" value="true" /> 
<property name="writeThrough" value="true" /> 
<property name="storeKeepBinary" value="true" /> 
<property name="cacheStoreFactory"> 
                <property name="converter" ref="boConverter" /> 
                <property name="valueClass"> 
                        <bean class="java.lang.Class"
value="com.pingan.pilot.ignite.test.bo.otw.IgniteTestBO_OTW" /> 

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