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From "naresh.goty" <gnr.spri...@gmail.com>
Subject Lock on cache keys during node failures
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2017 19:08:43 GMT
Hi All,

We would like to understand the lock behavior on cache items, based on the
code snippet below:

1. What happens if the key "fake" in cache1 is lost (due to node failure,
part data lost etc) after the lock is acquired and before it is released ?         
2. What happens, if another thread (t2) tries to acquire lock on the key
"fake" in cache1 after the lock was acquired by thread (t1) and the key was
lost and before the lock was release by thread t1 ?
3. What are the resiliency guarantees on the lock on a key in a cache ?

IgniteCache<Object, Object> cache1 =
Lock lock = cache1.lock("fake");                                
   //do something                 


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