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From Chris Berry <chriswbe...@gmail.com>
Subject BackupFilter for the RendezvousAffinityFunction Questions
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2017 17:57:33 GMT

I have 2 availability zones (AZs), and an Ignite Grid that spans them.
I have implemented a BackupFilter for the RendezvousAffinityFunction, which
attempts to keep the Primary and Backups balanced.

In other words, if I have 1 Primary and 3 Backups (for a PARTITIONED cache)
across 16 Nodes (8 per AZ) 
Then I will have  4 copies of the data – with 2 copies on each AZ.

This way I can lose an entire AZ – for maintenance or whatever – and be able
to withstand it.

My questions:

1) By messing with the RendezvousAffinityFunction, am I messing with the
Cache Affinity?? (I believe not?)
We have many caches – and they all use the same cache keys (the same set of
UUIDs – imagine a User Id) 
Which ensures that all data that is affiliated with a particular UUID lives
on the same Node, and thus is collocated in the Compute Grid.
This is essential to our system’s performance, and we want to be certain
that we are not affecting that by implementing the BackupFilter??

2) How can I visualize the distribution of cache data in the Primary &
I’d love to determine if all of this is working as expected.
Even being able to dump this to a log would be helpful.
Better would be something similar to how Elasticsearch can show you the
Shard distribution across Nodes.

-- Chris 

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