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From "shripatel1919@gmail.com" <shripatel1...@gmail.com>
Subject Prefer ignite nodes on same Availability Zone
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2017 16:41:31 GMT

I have ignite cluster that's spread across 2 availability zone (AZ) in same
region. We have app cluster that deployed the same way. 

So we have ignite node1 and node2 in AZ1. And node3 and node4 in AZ2. And we
have app's instance 1 in AZ1 and app's instance 2 in AZ2.

I want app instance on AZ 1 to preferable ignite nodes on AZ 1. And same
with AZ 2. 

I wanting to know how achieve this. Is there way for me to print or track at
App level which it ignite node it connects to.

In my client configure for app instance 1 even if i only provide only node1
and node2.  Once node3 and node4 join cluster its visible (accessible) to
app instance 1. 

In another app we strictly want app to only connect to ignite on same AZ. We
can achieve this by having 2 separate cluster on each AZ. But we wanted to
reuse 4 node ignite cluster already setup.

Thanks in advance. 

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