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From ANJANEYA PRASAD NIDUBROLU <anjaney...@gmail.com>
Subject REST API response json is empty.
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2017 18:56:40 GMT
Hello All,

Hope you are doing great!.

I have tried Ignite's REST API via postman. It is not throwing any errors,
but the response json's value part has nothing in it.

Here I am pasting cache config (piece of xml file), bean class and main
class where I am saving the sparkRDD to cache. Also, the attached document
has REST requests and responses along with respective logs.

As the Spark RDD/ DF I am using has more columns, i have created scala bean
class so that I can save it on to IgniteCache as Key, Value.

Ignite server and clients are able to talk to each other. Cache is created
and loaded successfully.
So far so good, trouble started when I am trying to trigger from REST API
(the attached notepad has REST APIs i tried to test and their response).

1) Though the Bean class I created has 8 columns - the cache created has
only 7 columns, what happened to final one?  [even "*cache -c=<> -scan*"
command from "*visor*" results has 7 columns.]
2) The REST API responses says it is success but the response json's value
part is empty.

Not sure what went wrong. Happy to provide more details if required.
Many Thanks,


<property name="cacheConfiguration">
        <!-- College Cache -->
        <bean class="org.apache.ignite.configuration.CacheConfiguration">
            <property name="name" value="CollegeCache"/>
            <property name="backups" value="1"/>
            <property name="atomicityMode" value="ATOMIC"/>
            <property name="cacheMode" value="PARTITIONED"/>
    <property name="queryEntities">
         <bean class="org.apache.ignite.cache.QueryEntity">
<!-- Key Type -->
<property name="keyType" value="java.lang.String"/>
<!-- Value Type -->
<property name="valueType" value="org.anjaneya.prasad.loadbean.College"/>
<!-- value="java.lang.String"/> -->
<!-- Fields to be used from SQL -->
<property name="fields">
<!--<entry key="values" value="java.lang.String"/> -->
<entry key="register_number"         value="java.lang.String"/>
<entry key="current_city"            value="java.lang.String"/>
<entry key="date2"                   value="java.lang.String"/>
<entry key="date_of_birth"           value="java.lang.String"/>
<entry key="student_code"            value="java.lang.String"/>
<entry key="native_city"             value="java.lang.String"/>
<entry key="college_end_date_1"      value="java.lang.String"/>
<entry key="college_start_date_1"    value="java.lang.String"/>

<!-- Assign an unique name for the key to access it from SQL easily. -->
<!-- <property name="keyFieldName" value="register_number"/> -->
<property name="tableName" value="CollegeTab"/>

<!-- Defining indexed fields.-->
<property name="indexes">
<!-- Single field (aka. column) index -->
<bean class="org.apache.ignite.cache.QueryIndex">
<constructor-arg value="register_number"/>

<!-- Single field (aka. column) index
<bean class="org.apache.ignite.cache.QueryIndex">
<constructor-arg value="native_city"/>
<bean class="org.apache.ignite.cache.QueryIndex">
<constructor-arg value="current_city"/>



package org.anjaneya.prasad.loadbean
import scala.beans.BeanProperty

class College(@BeanProperty register_number :String,
              @BeanProperty current_city: String,
              @BeanProperty date2: String,
              @BeanProperty date_of_birth: String,
              @BeanProperty student_code: String,
              @BeanProperty native_city: String,
              @BeanProperty college_end_date_1: String,
              @BeanProperty college_start_date_1: String
             ) extends Serializable{
  override def toString: String = s"College: $register_number,
$current_city, $date2, $date_of_birth, $student_code, $native_city,
 $college_end_date_1, college_start_date_1"

//return format("%s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s", register_number ,
native_city , current_city , student_code,    college_end_date_1,
 date_of_birth,  date2)


val ic = new IgniteContext(sc,

var sharedRDDCollege: IgniteRDD[String, College] =

var CollegeCache = test2.rdd.map(x => (x.getString(0),
       new College(x.getString(0) , x.getString(1) , x.getString(2) ,
x.getString(3) , x.getString(4) , x.getString(5) , x.getString(6) ,



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