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From John Wilson <sami.hailu...@gmail.com>
Subject Quick questions on Evictions
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2017 23:12:16 GMT

I have been reading through Ignite doc and I still have these questions. I
appreciate your answer.

Assume my Ignite native persistence is *not *enabled:

   1. if on-heap cache is also not enabled, then there are no entry-based
   evictions, right?
   2. if on-heap cache is now enabled, does a write to on-heap cache also
   results in a write-through or write-behind behavior to the off-heap entry?
   3. If on-heap cache is not enabled but data page eviction mode is
   enabled, then where do evicted pages from off-heap go/written to?

and, need confirmation on how data page eviction is implemented:

4. when a data page eviction is initiated, Ignite works by iterating
through each entry in the page and evicting entries one by one. It may
happen that certain entries may be involved in active transactions and
hence certain entries may not be evicted at all.


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