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From Lucky <wanxing...@163.com>
Subject 回复: Fetched result set too large
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2017 02:10:06 GMT
 I see the document you refer to.but I don't know how to set this property value.
I excepted to use java code .
Is there any example?

2017年09月18日 22:50,Вячеслав Коптилин<slava.koptilin@gmail.com>
Hi Lucky,

It seems that I was wrong.
You need to increase the value of IgniteSystemProperty#IGNITE_SQL_MERGE_TABLE_MAX_SIZE [1]
The default value is 10 000.

[1] https://ignite.apache.org/releases/2.1.0/javadoc/org/apache/ignite/IgniteSystemProperties.html#IGNITE_SQL_MERGE_TABLE_MAX_SIZE


2017-09-12 9:50 GMT+03:00 Lucky <wanxing987@163.com>:

    I use jdbc to fetch result from cache.
Connection conn =DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:ignite:thin://IP");
ResultSet rs = conn.createStatement().executeQuery(sql);

And the sql is like this:
select v.id,v.name,v.seq from (selet a.id as id,b.name as name,c.seq as seq from a inner join
b on a.id= b.id left outer join c on a.id=c.id) v left outer join (select did from d where
cid in(Ids) group by did having count(did)>=3000) w on v.id = d.did where d.did is null

when 'select did from d where cid in(Ids) group by did having count(did)>=3000' return
few records ,this sql is work,but if it return 20,000 records(actually it's often return 10
million records),it got this wrong message:Fetched result set war too large.

And the whole sql is expected 30,000 records.
Any suggestion? Thanks.


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