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From JohnHeinreich <8oe35d+chys54sr2x...@guerrillamail.com>
Subject Re: Client Mode and client to client communication
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2017 19:15:13 GMT
Hi Ilya,

Thank you for the response.

As for promoting the clients to servers, we originally developed the project
to use the default server mode (so each instance of the application had an
Ignite server embedded within). Since our project is resource heavy, when
scaling the number of nodes, we noticed a severe degradation of performance
due to resource contention between our project and Ignite. For example, some
longer running processes would cause the heartbeat to be delayed between
Ignite nodes causing Ignite to think that a node has crashed. By separating
the Ignite server processes from our application and into separate JVMs, we
noticed that the system was more stable and better performant.

Given that using Ignite's client mode as worked well for us, I believe
moving back to server mode is a non-starter. Restating the original
questions, is Ignite's facilitation of client to client communication just
the way Ignite performs cluster communication or are there alternatives? 
1.	Is there a reason why clients communicate to other clients directly and 
not through the servers? 
2.	Is there a setting we can change in Ignite to facilitate client to client 
communication through the servers? Essentially route the requests through 
the servers for processing instead of direct communication? 
3.	What other client to client communication is built into Ignite? Is there 
other client to client functionality provided by Ignite that would break 
even if we weren’t using the executor? 
4.	Other limitations of deploying an application using Ignite in PCF?

Much appreciated,


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