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From JohnHeinreich <8oe35d+chys54sr2x...@guerrillamail.com>
Subject Client Mode and client to client communication
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2017 17:06:33 GMT
Hi All,

We currently have an application which uses Ignite and many of its features
including, but not limited to, execution services, distributed map, and map
queries. Ignite is integrated into our application as a client and we deploy
standalone Ignite servers.
We recently starting looking at the Pivotal Cloud Foundry model and how we
might be able to deploy our application in that environment.

In PCF, containers do not have direct access to one another. Packets are
wrapped and routed via a Silk VXLAN component (more information here:
In a test to use PCF, we attempted to deploy our Ignite servers in BOSH
(where it is essentially a VM with a  public IP). Our client nodes can
communicate with the server nodes in this model but we ran into some other

We saw the error: “org.apache.ignite.IgniteCheckedException: Failed to send
message (node may have left the grid or TCP connection cannot be established
due to firewall issues)”. This issue arises from our use of the
ExecutorService and we believe it’s caused by the lack of allowed
communication between clients (since clients cannot communicate directly
with one another because the containers do not have access to each other). 

A few questions:
1.	Is there a reason why clients communicate to other clients directly and
not through the servers?
2.	Is there a setting we can change in Ignite to facilitate client to client
communication through the servers? Essentially route the requests through
the servers for processing instead of direct communication?
3.	What other client to client communication is built into Ignite? Is there
other client to client functionality provided by Ignite that would break
even if we weren’t using the executor?
4.	Other limitations of deploying an application using Ignite in PCF? We
found this post:


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