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From rick_tem <rvinc...@temenos.com>
Subject Write-Behind Cache configuration and custom cache store
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2017 12:36:18 GMT

I am using Ignite 2.0.0 with a cache configurations shown below.  First, I
noticed that writeAll() or any write() was not called on my cache store when
writeBehindEnabled=true but writeThrough=false.  Seems like if
writeBehindEnabled set to true, it should override writeThrough, but anyway,
I got around that.  With my writeBehind cache now calling writeAll() in my
cache store I noticed sessionEnd() is not called even when my cache is
TRANSACTIONAL.  Does this mean I have to call commit() on the connection at
the end of writeAll()?  How would I then differentiate a call to writeAll()
from putAll()?  It seems like sessionEnd() should be called when a flush
occurs if I am specifying a TRANSACTIONAL cache.  Is this a bug?  I am not
explicitly using transactions (i.e. try (Transaction tx =
transactions.txStart()) )...When I just use write through caching,
sessionEnd() is called without an explicit transaction and as well behaves
in a JTA environment.

Thanks for any clarification.


				<bean class="org.apache.ignite.configuration.CacheConfiguration">
					<property name="name" value="TablesXMLClobWriteThrough" />
					<property name="cacheStoreFactory">
						<bean class="javax.cache.configuration.FactoryBuilder"
					<property name="affinity">
							<property name="excludeNeighbors" value="true" />
							<property name="partitions" value="2048" />
					<property name="atomicityMode" value="TRANSACTIONAL" />
					<property name="backups" value="1" />
					<property name="rebalanceThrottle" value="100" />
					<property name="rebalanceBatchSize" value="#{2 * 1024 * 1024}" />
					<property name="rebalanceMode" value="SYNC" />
					<property name="cacheMode" value="PARTITIONED" />
					<property name="writeThrough" value="true" />
					<property name="writeBehindEnabled" value="true" />
					<property name="eagerTtl" value="false" />
					<property name="writeBehindFlushFrequency" value="1000" />
					<property name="writeBehindBatchSize" value="512" />
					<property name="writeBehindFlushThreadCount" value="8" />
					<property name="writeBehindFlushSize" value="0" />
					<property name="statisticsEnabled" value="true" />

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