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From kotamrajuyashasvi <kotamrajuyasha...@gmail.com>
Subject hashcode() collisions for data having more than 2 power 32(around 4.3 billion) entries in ignite cache
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2017 08:20:48 GMT

I am using a user-defined java object as a cache key in my ignite cache.
Ignite uses the cache key objects overridden hashcode() method during
mapping in cache. But hashcode() method returns an int which is 32 bits. Now
if my cache has entries more than 2 power 32 which is around 4.3 billion ,
then definitely collisions occur. How to tackle this situation. Does ignite
provide an option where it could use some other own implemented method which
would return a hashcode presumably containing more number of bits(64,128,256
etc) which could be used by ignite while mapping.

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