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From "Roger Fischer (CW)" <rfis...@Brocade.com>
Subject Activation: slow and: Ignite node crashed in the middle of checkpoint.
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2017 21:38:43 GMT

I am wondering if the following behavior is typical, or if it represents a concern.

I have a 3 node cluster with native persistence. Each node as 4 CPU and 16 GB of RAM.
Each node has ~45 GB used in work/db. Total across the 3 nodes is about 36.5 M objects.
I am using SQL queries, and there are 3 indexes.

The servers start up normally and join the cluster, as expected.

When I start the client, which calls active(), all 3 servers report the following:

[12:41:28] Topology snapshot [ver=5, servers=3, clients=1, CPUs=16, heap=4.8GB]
[12:41:29] Default checkpoint page buffer size is too small, setting to an adjusted value:
2.0 GiB
[12:41:29] Ignite node crashed in the middle of checkpoint. Will restore memory state and
enforce checkpoint on node start.

1) Should I worry about the "crashed" log?

The activation takes more than 30 minutes (until active() returns).

2) Is that normal for activate to take that long?

ver. 2.1.0#20170720-sha1:a6ca5c8a
OS: Linux 3.10.0-514.el7.x86_64 amd64



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