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From "Roger Fischer (CW)" <rfis...@Brocade.com>
Subject Cassandra Cache Store: How are loadCache() queries distributed
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2017 21:29:36 GMT

could someone please explain to me how loadCache() queries are distributed to the Cassandra
instances when using the Cassandra Cache Store module.

I used Ignite logging and Cassandra server tracing (system_traces.sessions) to try to determine
how queries are distributed, but I can't make sense of what I have observed.

I am quite sure of: An ignite server stores the objects for which it is the primary or a backup.
It ignores other objects received from Cassandra.

I first tried a load-all scenario, with one query (select * from table) passed in the loadCache()

Initially, it looked like each Ignite server sends the query to one Cassandra node. That seems

However, I have also observed cases when each Ignite server sends the query to more than one
Cassandra node. Why?

Then I tried to call loadCache() with multiple queries. Specifically I created a query for
each Cassandra partition. Best-practice for Cassandra is to limit queries to a single partition.

One test seemed to imply that each Ignite server sends all queries, distributing them across
the available Cassandra nodes. This seems reasonable.

However, in another test one query (out of 6) got sent (really executed in Cassandra) only
once, most got sent twice, and a few three times. With 3 Ignite servers, I would have expected
each query to be sent 3 times (once from each Ignite server).

I am quite suspect of that last observation, as it would invalidate what I stated earlier
as "quite sure of". Maybe Cassandra did not record all queries in the sessions table.

So how does Ignite handle a loadCache() request when there are <n> Ignite servers and
<m> Cassandra servers. The loadCache() call is made in an Ignite client.
a) when there is a single query provided to loadCache().
b) when there are multiple (<r>) queries provided to loadCache().
c) does it make any difference if the query includes all Cassandra partitioning key columns
in the where clause (ie. would the Cassandra Cache Store analyze the query to optimize the
d) does it make any difference if the query includes the Ignite affinity key (ie. would the
Cassandra Cache Store analyze the query to optimize which queries to send from where)?



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