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From kotamrajuyashasvi <kotamrajuyasha...@gmail.com>
Subject Ignite sql queries working transactionally
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2017 07:21:05 GMT

In my ignite client application I need to perform a set of update/delete sql
query operations transactionally. I observed  that by using ignite
transactions I was able to achieve this. When ever an update or delete query
is executed with in a transaction, it is locking all resulting rows and thus
preventing other clients modify/delete the same rows using update/delete
queries. I checked this in the following way. 

First I started an Ignite client and started a Transaction. Then I executed
an update query acting up on some rows. Then I made this client to sleep for
some seconds before committing the transaction. Now I immediately started
another client and tried executing a delete query which would act upon the
same or few of the rows as the update query in first client. Now I could
observe that the second client waits till the first client commits and only
then it executes its delete query.

Rollback functionality is also working on update/delete queries. So does it
mean that ignite now supports fully transactional sql queries? It was
mentioned in many previous ignite users posts that ignite sql queries are
not transactional and also in 2.1 docs its mentioned that '*At SQL level
Ignite supports atomic, but not yet transactional consistency. Ignite
community plans to implement SQL transactions in version 2.2*.'. What does
it mean?  Also no where in docs mentions about using sql queries in

can I use ignite jdbc thin client with sql queries and transactions?

I am using ignite version 2.1

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