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From userx <gagan...@gmail.com>
Subject GC stalling all the activity
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2017 14:44:09 GMT
Hi all,

I have started 2 Ignite Data Grid servers with initial and maximum heap of
1G with PersistentStore configured. Clients come in and persist the data to
these servers concurrently. Irrespective of the size of the data, I thought
when it is not able to fit within 1 gb, it will get persisted. But what I am
seeing is that there is Full GC and all the activity is stalled. Why does
Full GC at all happen instead of the data getting persisted whatever can't
fit in ?

Here are the ignite logs
2017-08-29 11:18:28,065 INFO
[grid-timeout-worker-#47%c6b15750-0a33-42ce-9993-0d4008bc6ceb%] {}
Metrics for local node (to disable set 'metricsLogFrequency' to 0)
    ^-- Node [id=09289904, name=c6b15750-0a33-42ce-9993-0d4008bc6ceb,
    ^-- H/N/C [hosts=2, nodes=3, CPUs=80]
    ^-- CPU [cur=0.03%, avg=0.09%, GC=0%]
    ^-- PageMemory [pages=497565]
    ^-- Heap [used=675MB, free=28.23%, comm=941MB]
    ^-- Non heap [used=67MB, free=-1%, comm=69MB]
    ^-- Public thread pool [active=0, idle=0, qSize=0]
    ^-- System thread pool [active=0, idle=7, qSize=0]
    ^-- Outbound messages queue [size=0]

*No activity there after*

GC Logs
2017-08-29T11:11:13.298+0000: 15831.584: [GC (Allocation Failure)
[PSYoungGen: 167168K->1440K(268800K)] 763540K->600556K(968192K), 0.0110663
secs] [Times: us
er=0.21 sys=0.01, real=0.01 secs]
2017-08-29T11:11:33.952+0000: 15852.238: [GC (Allocation Failure)
[PSYoungGen: 185248K->1504K(264192K)] 784364K->601724K(963584K), 0.0132140
secs] [Times: us
er=0.21 sys=0.01, real=0.01 secs]
2017-08-29T11:18:54.644+0000: 16292.930: [GC (Allocation Failure)
[PSYoungGen: 185312K->76278K(229888K)] 785532K->689026K(929280K), 0.0589559
secs] [Times: u
ser=0.91 sys=0.03, real=0.06 secs]
2017-08-29T11:18:55.097+0000: 16293.383: [GC (Allocation Failure)
--[PSYoungGen: 229878K->229878K(229888K)] 842626K->929268K(929280K),
0.4427836 secs] [Times
: user=0.00 sys=2.09, real=0.44 secs]
2017-08-29T11:18:55.540+0000: 16293.826: [Full GC (Ergonomics) [PSYoungGen:
229878K->0K(229888K)] [ParOldGen: 699390K->293800K(699392K)]
280K), [Metaspace: 42103K->42103K(1087488K)], 0.4094856 secs] [Times:
user=3.79 sys=0.15, real=0.41 secs]
2017-08-29T11:18:56.180+0000: 16294.466: [GC (Allocation Failure)
[PSYoungGen: 153600K->97792K(251392K)] 447400K->448760K(950784K), 0.2112859
secs] [Times: u
ser=3.59 sys=0.10, real=0.21 secs]
2017-08-29T11:18:56.643+0000: 16294.929: [GC (Allocation Failure)
[PSYoungGen: 251392K->97792K(214528K)] 602360K->605152K(913920K), 0.3615540
secs] [Times: u
ser=8.38 sys=0.22, real=0.36 secs]
2017-08-29T11:18:57.181+0000: 16295.467: [GC (Allocation Failure)
[PSYoungGen: 214528K->116224K(232960K)] 721888K->723640K(932352K), 0.2245287
secs] [Times:
user=4.84 sys=0.13, real=0.23 secs]
2017-08-29T11:18:57.406+0000: 16295.692: [Full GC (Ergonomics) [PSYoungGen:
116224K->17779K(232960K)] [ParOldGen: 607416K->698924K(699392K)]
(932352K), [Metaspace: 42103K->42103K(1087488K)], 1.4322082 secs] [Times:
user=25.84 sys=0.81, real=1.43 secs]

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