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From Nabeel Ali Memon <nimti...@gmail.com>
Subject Distributed SQL grid concerns
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2017 07:44:03 GMT

I'm considering to use Ignite 2.0.1 as a distributed SQL grid on top of a
commonly used relational DB server. The domain requires strict
transactional semantics since it's a payment information system. I quickly
went through Ignite's user guide and it seems like all the necessary
ingredients are there. However I have some following questions which some
of you may have come across. Please let me know your experience:

1) How configurable is write-to-disk delay on transactions. Say I perform a
distributed tx on grid and I want to write to disk after 1 sec delay
(asynchronously) to increase the system throughput. Does it have any other

2) If a tx happens successfully on grid, and before writing to the db
server the JVM is killed or crashes, does it write those pending
transactions after reboot?

3) Once a tx happens on the grid, is it guaranteed (or how do I make sure)
that there will be no conflicts or logically failed transactions later when
it goes to perform this tx on db server?


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