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From Yitzhak Molko <yitzhak.mo...@symbolab.com>
Subject Network Segmentation
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2017 09:02:10 GMT
We are running Ignite 1.7 on 20+ servers and using as distributed cache
Caches are partitioned without backup (cacheMode=PARTITIONED, backups=0).

>From time to time we are getting network segmentation, so servers are
getting stopped as per default segmentation policy.

In our case we would like to be able reconnect to cluster instead of
stopping server: if we have cache entries with same key on different
segments we can use any cache entry or even drop it.

Can changing properties like SegmentationResolveAttempts
or SegmentCheckFrequency can help?
Is it possible to implement custom segmentation policy that will allow
reconnect to cluster?
And if it is possible can you provide some documentation or direction how
to do this.

Thank you.


Yitzhak Molko

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